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Project to stop violence against children and promote children's rights in Basra - UNICEF

11/21/2019 Signing a contract for a project to stop violence against children and promote children’s rights in Basra - Shatt al-Arab with UNICEF for a period of four months. Also among the activities of the project is the presentation of a play Do not torture the roses, presented by children. Workshops to support teenage girls

الاستمرار بتنفيذ تدريبات ونشاطات مشروع منحة اليونسيف ايقاف العنف ضد الطفل وحماية الطفل في شط العرب .

المسرحية وقد تم عرضها لمدة اسبوع شهر شباط 2020 نهاية مشروع منحة اليونسيف

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