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Lotus Cultural Women's League​ leads initiatives that advocate for the rights of women and their children and promote the protection of human rights in Iraq. Some examples of initiatives are below.

I Won't Quit My School Campaign

To address the issue of children dropping out of school, a campaign to help parents, children, and school staff address socio-economic factors for quitting school was held. The campaign was sponsored by British Council and Al Ethar Charity Foundation


Human Rights Dialogue

A dialogue on human rights was held with guest speaker the former German Minister of Justice. Topics covered included the right to vote, women's rights, and the UN Resolution 1325. This event was sponsored by the Friedrich German Foundation.

Advocacy to Promote Women's Rights

Consultation with government officials and members of parliament on the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the rights of women

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Advocacy to Prevent Violence Against Children

Training government officials, non-profit organizations, and parents about violence against children and how to keep children safe.

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