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Cultural Promotion

Lotus Cultural Women's League has various initiatives to promote the cultural, artistic, and creative work of Iraqi women. The ongoing infinitives include a quarterly newsletter, art gallery, and poetry readings.


The quarterly Lotus Newsletter was created to promote women's leadership in cultural promotion including literature and the arts. The Newsletter brings together literature including poetry, literary criticism, essays, plays, and short-stories written by Iraqi and Arab women. It welcomes submissions at any time, by emailing

Art Gallery

Several art gallery showcases have been held to celebrate and bring awareness of women artists in Basra, Iraq. The photos below highlight the energy and enthusiasm of community members and artists who attended. Click on an image to enlarge it.


Poetry Readings by Iraqi Poets

Coming Soon!

A play portraying Iraqi women's voices will be filmed and uploaded on YouTube in Arabic, translated into English, French and Spanish.

Based on true stories, Lotus Women explores issues of racism, discrimination, and exploitation of three Iraqi women: Thawra (an Afro-Iraqi theatre professor in her 50s), Intizar (a talented girl with dwarfism in her 20s), and Iman (an imaginative ten-year-old child). The play captures awful experiences lived by these three women who go through unbearable suffering simply because of their skin color, gender and disability. The play brings them together in defiance of their oppression and in solidarity with each other.

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