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GIZ - Women's Employment Center Project

October 2019 Signing a contract with giz to implement the women’s employment center project within training for 700 university graduates on CV writing skills and a job interview with the creation of data for female graduates from universities and the support of 20 small projects for women. In addition to the women’s employment center in the office that was rented for this project, the project was completed online due to the Corona pandemic in 2020 with a change in the type of training

Continuing GIZ Funding Training

The month of March 2020, the health ban was announced, the project was stopped in attendance, and the training was replaced by computer skills training on the Zoom platform, and the training started from the end of April and continued into August 2020 by the association’s team, who are Ilham Nasser Al-Zubaidi / Tayseer Ibrahim / Dr. Thawra Youssef Dr. Wassan Fathi From the headquarters of the association.

With brief interviews with businesswomen, some of whom agreed to conduct a direct interview, and the rest abstained from the interview due to fear of injury in the month of May

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